From A to Z

We support and guide you from A to Z, thus making turnkey lighting solutions a reality for you. We take over the responsibility for the COMPLETE project management and make your life easier.

Step by Step

Each project phase requires great attention to detail.

We take care.


We make the planning

  • including the initial requirement check / check of existing illumination
  • including the concept draft & customer presentation


We operate the project management

  • we draw a detailed implementation concept and a detailed lighting concept
  • we coordinate your project partners and guide you through the project


We take care of the installation

  • the delivery of the luminaires and lighting controls
  • if necessary removal and recycling
  • the installation of new lighting equipment


We handle the commissioning

  • we support you with your initial operation
  • we make the final check for you

Spread the costs with our

Finance Services NOW

If you want to avoid an upfront cost, with NOW you can pay just a monthly fee for your lighting. The planning, products, installation and commissioning is all included, along with yearly inspection and maintenance.