smart lighting as a service


Our customer, a renown and international automotive supplier was in need of new lighting. He required emergency lighting as well as an overall lighting solution. We first began working with the company in 2013, after converting a tender offer into a successful turnkey service project. The customer was seeking a modern, uncomplicated lighting solution that could be installed quickly. We were able to secure the contract by offering a holistic package, which was tailor-made to meet the company’s specific requirements; our COMPLETE service package. With this package, we managed the entire process of implementing the lighting scheme - from planning and project management to commissioning and maintenance. With our COMPLETE service customers only ever deal with one point of contact, saving them time, money and stress. Opting for this package freed the customer to focus on its core business, secure in the knowledge that the company’s lighting needs were in good hands. One potential challenge in implementing the project was that in the production plant a building control system for their facilities and building equipment was already used, including heating and ventilation. So it was essential that our lighting solution worked with the existing technology. The solution: Our LITENET lighting management system operates with open standards like DALI and TCP/IP, so we were able to accommodate this without any problems. And the customer? No worries about anything, receiving a state-of-the-art lighting solution that is even maintained by request.


Energy savings of up to 70%

The supermarket chain Wilko is one the biggest names in Great Britain when it comes to household goods. The company is in the process of renovating more than 380 stores and two distribution centres, helping 4 million customers a week enjoy the benefits of a new LED lighting solution from Thorn and Zumtobel.

This major project will involve the installation of 230,000 luminaires and a series of lighting management systems. This means converting the whole internal lighting to LED. The combination of efficient LED fittings and intelligent lighting controls will deliver energy savings of up to 70%.

A key factor behind the decision to work with ZGS was the full service offering. Wilko now benefits from a turnkey lighting solution that includes planning, installation, extended warranty and maintenance. ZGS was able to meet the specific customer requirements with a wide product portfolio featuring all the Zumtobel Group brands.

“Our recent research in the retail sector has shown that the digital transformation of lighting solutions could save UK retail businesses almost £6.3 billion by 2025. Companies such as Wilko are already ahead of the game. We were able to offer Wilko a full turnkey solution with lighting design, installation, maintenance and extended warranty - a solution that will transform the lighting across its 380 UK stores. This approach - lighting as a service - enables Wilko to focus on its core business targets, safe in the knowledge that lighting quality and efficiency targets are being continually monitored - and continually met.”

Darren Riva, Sales Director UK ZGS


Refurbishment made easy!

The furniture giant XXXLutz trusts in our full-service-package COMPLETE: They have ordered to renew the lighting systems of approximately 70 stores and warehouses in an efficient and easy way. The result: an uncomplicated, fast implementation with minimal impact to the daily business. For the customer it’s a relief: one single point of contact for the entire project. Huge energy savings achieved by upgrading the conventional lighting to LED, the return on investment is reached within a manageable time frame. However the revamp and modernisation also needs to be planned. This creates the demand for a professional project management structure and team to avoid hassle. In ZGS, using our turnkey lighting offer, XXXLutz has found the perfect partner.

„The service-package COMPLETE has really convinced us. ZGS have coordinated the entire upgrade and with no hassle at all. Thanks to their excellent project management we saved time and money. We hardly noticed the alteration work, in the steady flow of goods, or in the performance of the sites.”

Georg Weißkirchner, Facility Manager, XXXLutz

Light as a Service for Halliburton, Aberdeen/UK

Halliburton is one of the world’s largest oil field services companies with operations in more than 70 countries. The company recently reassessed its lighting strategy with a view to reducing costs and cutting energy emissions. Beginning first with sites in Aberdeen and Yare, Halliburton engaged the services of ZGS to transform legacy lighting platforms and integrate a new LED solution that would meet immediate requirements and secure a path to future lighting quality and efficiency.

ZGS provided Halliburton with a lighting as a service model whereby all installation and ongoing maintenance is handled by us. The solution uses a portfolio of advanced LED luminaires and controls throughout warehouses and storage buildings. The new solution is expected to achieve annual energy savings of 65% across each converted site and Halliburton is looking to realize cost-savings of £1.8m from conversion of six sites over a ten year period.